What Equipment To Buy For Your Own Home Gym

The decision to set up my own gym at home was not a quick or easy one. Of course, I knew it will be more expensive than a membership because I would have to invest in my own equipment. I would need to be fully committed to my routine to maximize the investment.

Still, when I thought about how crowded the gyms can get, not to mention the fact that other people are sweating into the machines, I realized how much I would appreciate setting up my own fitness room at home. Plus, I would not have to travel somewhere, bringing gym and extra clothes. 

The first thing I needed to do after making some space at home was to choose which home gym equipment to buy in Australia. There are many different ones out there but the first step is to figure out exactly what I needed. I talked to my fitness instructor and worked out a home exercise routine before starting my search for equipment.

These are some of the home gym equipment I ended up buying. 

1. A Rowing Machine

I chose to invest in one because it helps work on my fitness level in many ways, from toning muscles, improving my endurance and cardiovascular function.

It is great for burning calories, as I am also trying to lose weight. If you have some problems with the joint and back, this is also good for you.

2. Adjustable Dumbbells

One of the advice I received was to get an adjustable dumbbells set because they are very versatile and allows me to change up my workout without getting other equipment.

3. An Elliptical Trainer

A commercial elliptical trainer is too expensive for a home gym; there are cheaper alternatives.

But I preferred them over a treadmill because it is low impact and good for those with back pain and joint problems. I find it also great while multitasking so I can watch my favorite series while working out.

4. A Punching Bag

I always wanted this classic home gym equipment when I finally set up mine. It is great for a full-body cardio workout and for getting a good sweat. It is also the perfect solution for relieving stress after a long day at work.

5. A Pull Up Bar

This was one of my first purchases because it uses up so little space and I can practice any time I want.

In fact, every time I would walk by, I would challenge myself to do a few pull-ups and after a while, I realized I could do much more. 

6. An Ab Wheel

My weight was one of the reasons why I preferred to work out at home, and I really wanted something that could help me lose weight and work on my lack of ab muscles.

An ab wheel is key to help me flatten my stomach, though my trainer suggested taking it easy because it will hurt the next day otherwise.

7. Medicine Balls

One of the easiest ways to set up a home gym is to buy smaller items that you can use to work out without taking up too much space.

Medicine balls are one of these because you will not need a machine at all. With it, I can do squats, curls, sit-ups, and lunges. With just these balls, I can do a long list of workouts.   

My decision to build up my own gym at home was worth it in the end because I could vary up my workouts depending on my mood and schedule.

It means if I only have 10 minutes to exercise, I could use the time well. Because of that, I felt motivated to meet my fitness goals and make the most of my own investment.

A home gym may not be for everyone but if you are set in your decision, you can really make it work.

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