New to Indoor Netball? Here are Some Tips to Get Your Game on the Right Track

I can still recall the very first time I watched a game of netball. I thought it was very challenging trying to shoot a ball through a ring without a backboard to bank on. When I played my first game in an indoor netball stadium, it felt fun.

Too bad no one gave me pointers on how I can get my game on the right track. Here are some tips if you are entertaining the idea of playing indoor netball, too.

Get the Right Gear

I used an ordinary basketball attire in my first netball game. No one told me that there is a proper attire for playing indoor netball. If you are going to join a team, there is no need to worry about it.

Teams already have their respective netball kits. Your attire should be comfortable. It should also allow you to perform the different moves or actions required by the game.

Get good training shoes. You need soles with excellent support. This is a very fast-paced game that is a lot similar to a game of basketball. There is a lot of shuffling around that your ankles and your feet will take most of the brunt. Get shoes that are specific to netball.

Don’t forget your socks and knee and ankle straps. They should keep the body parts protected throughout the game.

Observe a Regular Fitness Regimen

Netball players have to be fast as they blitz the court. Agility is also important as one needs to be able to change direction in one swift move. You will also need to build your endurance.

Netball has four quarter-periods of 15 minutes each. You should be able to last a full 15 minutes on the floor at a time. In between quarters, you will only get a 3-minute break.

I have to point out the importance of training. I couldn’t last 5 minutes on the floor on my first few games of netball. It was too tiring for me to run up and down the court. Cardiovascular exercises can help you improve your stamina for the game.

Also important are balance, stability, and the strength of your core muscles. I found planking to be especially useful in improving core muscle strength. Strength training while on a wobble board can help improve your balance and stability.

Practice Passing

Netball is different from basketball in that you cannot run with the ball. You can only run without it while looking for a spot where a teammate will be able to pass you the ball for a shot. That is why it is crucial to practice the art of passing the ball.

In my early days of playing the game, I always used the two-handed overhead pass. I find it easier to perform than a one-handed pass.

However, as I progressed in my game, I find that a one-handed pass is a lot better than using both hands. You can try different styles of passing to determine which one will work best for you.

Improve Your Accuracy

I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to try and shoot the ball into a very small ring sticking out of a goal post.

In basketball, you can always use the backboard to deflect the ball into the hoop. There is no backboard in netball. This is where you need precision shots.

You can try setting up your own makeshift goal at home. Another way you can try is to mark a spot in your backyard or on a wall outside the home. Practice throwing the ball into this spot.

As it bounces off the wall, get ready to catch it, too. Be sure to practice using your non-dominant hand, too. This will help you to develop the strength of both hands.

There are other tips I can share with you. For now, these will suffice to get you on the right track to enjoying a game of indoor netball.

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