Meditating At The Park


One’s mind transformation is simply known as meditation. Since, the Buddhist time this practice has been known to the people. Now a day’s people suffer from stress and depression due to hectic schedule. It is a technique which encourages as well as develops concentration along with clarity and peaceful mind. It is most powerful source of positivity and helps in developing balanced state of mind. Through constant practice one can control any state of mind. There are many mediating centers in the state where professionals guide the people to improve their concentration power.

The best place for mediating is Public Park. Parks having greenery all around is most suitable for practising it. You can get fresh air and calm environment along with sweet voice of birds as which is very necessary for good health. People do it in a group and also share their experiences. I’d suggest people who mediate in park can try various yoga postures. I have experience kindness and lovingness all throughout the day while practicing it. World has become very materialistic, we our depended on machines for everyday work and busy schedule made us lethargic. To get back peace and clam in our life it is very important to make your mind relax and focus on certain things.


Mediation helps in curing many diseases which are related to mind. It helps in recovering balanced state of mind along with good health. I have noticed many people who have recuperated through it and now they are living happy life. I prefer one hour mediation daily to get all soul benefits of it. Old age people should carry out it for good physical and mental health. Internal sensations are enhanced through it. Even doctors think that it is an antidote to every personal sorrow, fear, general confusion, abhorrence as well as anxiety.

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