How the Best Vibration Platform Can Help You Lose Weight

Everyone wants to lose weight. Well, at least every other person I know from the office does. And while I have been encouraging them to eat more sensibly and to couple this with increased physical activity or exercise, many fail because of the latter part. The thing is that not many can actually find enough motivation to exercise because of other commitments. If you really want to lose weight, but are hampered by time constraints maybe the best vibration platform can help you. I’ve personally seen how the lives of the people I know have been transformed by this small exercise equipment. If they can lose weight, I’m pretty sure you can, too.

Before you put effort on the vibration platforms to consider, you might want to consider taking a crash course on Weight Loss 101 first.

Losing weight is all about creating an imbalance between the energy you take and the energy you spend. Why? If you take in more energy than what you can effectively use, the excess will be stored as fat and glycogen. Our body is so adept at storing energy that if we don’t do anything to use this energy, you already know what happens.

I’ve got a doctor friend who explained to me the physiology of weight gain and I can tell you personally that the imbalance between food intake and exercise is one of the major reasons why a lot of people are becoming obese. We eat a lot of high-calories, high-fat foods yet we don’t exercise that much. It is perfectly okay to eat such foods if only we can find the same level of resolve to exercise to obtain a net balance between energy intake and energy spent.

So how does a vibration platform fit into this, you ask?

Well, remember what I said about one of the reasons why many folks don’t want to exercise is because of time constraints? A vibration platform effectively addresses such a concern. As a matter of fact you could very well be reading your favourite book or perhaps enjoying a soap opera or reality show on TV and still be able to take full weight loss benefits of a vibration machine.


Think of a super-sized bathroom weighing scale that you are going to step on. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to step on the platform standing up or sitting down. As long as you’ve got your feet firmly planted on the vibrating platform, you’re good to go.

Embedded inside this machine is a motor that drives the vibration plate in different directions, depending on the type of the design. There are those that move like a see-saw while others mimic the up-down movement of an elevator. Then, there are vibration machines that add another direction of movement so you get a 3D effect. Still, there are those that come with 4D motion.

The movement of the vibrating plate occurs at a very rapid pace, which can actually be set or controlled accordingly. The movements are what send vibrations towards the body. Each vibration is like a stimulus that charges muscle groups to contract and then relax. This occurs with each vibration. Now, if you have 100 vibrations per second you are actually contracting and relaxing the muscles of your body 100 times per second, too.

This is very important since the faster the vibrations the quicker it is to activate a larger group of muscles. In other words, you don’t need to warm up your muscles anymore to get them ready for the main action. The vibration machine does it already for you. This makes it exceptionally efficient in targeting muscles.

And now for the juicy part. Jogging for 60 minutes will let you burn about 500 calories on average. Did you know that you can actually burn the same amount of calories on a vibration machine by simply standing on the platform for about 10 minutes? That’s also equivalent to about 30 minutes of swimming freestyle. The best part is you’ll never leave the comfort of your home or even give up what you enjoy doing.

Vibration machines are excellent choice for people who recognise the value of achieving a more ideal body weight without exercising. Now that’s one for the books.

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