How I Did Skin Clinic Microdermabrasion After-Care

Microdermabrasion was really an “I love myself” splurge for after a long-term relationship ended. Mainly, I wanted to get rid of the acne scars that haunted me all through my adult life.

With 12 sessions needed to really get rid of them, I managed to come up with some after-care tricks so the redness and inflammation doesn’t get so bad. I will tell you which worked for me:

Avoid the Sun

Using sunscreen is important – something with an SPF of 15 or higher. However, what I noticed is that even with sunscreen, it’s better to avoid the sun completely.

Just bring out your umbrella during the day and keep away from the sun. Sure, early morning sunshine is good for the skin but anything after that is really aging.

After microdermabrasion, I found that my skin was extra-sensitive to the skin, even with good sunscreen. It took 3 sessions before I finally figure out it’s better to stay indoors.

Water, Water, Water

Skip the coffee and the tea – limit yourself to water. Lemon water would be perfect since the vitamin C really helps with skin rejuvenation. I find that introducing water from the inside helps with hydration and keeps the skin plump and perky.

The coffee just dries out the skin and makes those wrinkles appear even faster. If you really can’t skip the coffee though – make sure it’s decaffeinated!

No Touching!

This was really hard for me because there’s something about reddened skin that makes me just want to touch it. It’s a very counterproductive move though and I find that doing this only extends the recovery period.

After microdermabrasion, I started using a soft damp towel for my face – patting it on the surface instead of scratching it out. This cleans the face without forcing any peeling of the skin – which can be painful!

I learned to live with the peeling especially since once they’re all gone – the skin underneath looks so fresh and young!

Rich and Thick Moisturizer

After the first session, I quickly realized that the regular over-the-counter moisturizer won’t work. I had to ask the esthetician for a recommendation and they quickly pointed me to a great product.

I have to be honest – you need to be prepared to shell out some dollars because good moisturizers aren’t cheap. The end result however is that they help with the healing process faster.

You see, microdermabrasion tends to dry out the skin so you need something to put all that moisture back and keep the wrinkles from showing.

Gentler and Colder Showers

I quickly learned that hot showers only make the skin seem redder. Cold showers are better if you want to soothe the skin. Plus – I had to stop using harsh soap on my skin.

This includes using scented soap with can actually make the situation worse. Showers are a test of patience as I started to be more careful with how I wash my face under the water.

Make sure you use a clean face towel every time you pat your face dry because the towel is home to tons of bacteria. It’s really the last thing you’d want to pat on your face!

I had my microdermabrasion done through My Skin and Body Clinic Cook Point and they were kind enough to suggest topical products to help with after-care.

You can use any of the creams they suggest to help manage after-treatment symptoms along with the list I just gave you. As for me, I am scar-free for the first time since high school and I have my confidence back!

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