How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help Safeguard the Health of Employees

Successful businesses always focus on three very important aspects of their operation. These include people, products, and processes.

Businesses need the right people to offer the right products or services. They also need the right processes to help ensure efficiency and productivity. These will drive the company’s bottom line.

Since the success of the business relies on the productivity of its people, it is crucial to safeguard their health. This is where commercial cleaning services can help.

Absenteeism is one of the most dreaded issues that companies face. When an employee is absent, the operation of the business suffers. It can have a negative impact on the organisation’s productivity.

One of the most common causes of employee absenteeism is illness. People get sick for different reasons.

But when an employee gets sick, there is a good chance that it got the illness from work. Exposure to contaminants in the office is one of the most common causes of work-related illnesses.

Commercial establishments and offices often have their respective cleaners. However, we need to understand that there are three levels of cleanliness. These include Sanitary, Disinfected, and Sterile.

The cleaning service of commercial establishments may only perform cleaning to keep their premises “sanitary”.

On the other hand, a Melbourne commercial cleaning company with 20 years of experience can provide the same office with a cleaning that is more on the “disinfected” level.

A “Sterile” environment means that there are no microorganisms or any form of contaminant.

This is the kind of cleanliness we would all expect in a medical laboratory, the operating room, or the intensive care unit of a hospital. This level of cleanliness is difficult to maintain in a commercial setting, unfortunately.

The second level of cleanliness is “Disinfected”. What this means is that the cleaning process removes at least 95 percent of all contaminants.

This includes pathogens and harmful substances. This is what many commercial cleaning services provide. They make sure that your office or commercial establishment is at least 95 percent free of harmful contaminants.

The third type of cleanliness is “Sanitary”. This is the type of cleaning that almost all commercial establishments have.

The risk of disease and the presence of contaminants are still there. These can contribute to the development of an illness among employees.

For example, wiping the handrails in an office hallway only removes superficial dirt and dust. It does not remove or kill pathogens that may be present on these surfaces.

This is the reason why business organisations should always hire a commercial cleaning company if they want to safeguard the health of their employees.

These cleaning services can do a much more efficient job of killing germs that can make employees sick. These companies can also help remove contaminants that ordinary cleaning methods cannot.

Traditional cleaners will often not clean the air conditioning ducts and vents. They may only clean the surfaces that are accessible to them.

On the other hand, commercial cleaning companies will employ more advanced techniques of cleaning hard-to-reach.

They will “disinfect” areas like ventilation systems, ducts, and other similar fixtures. This helps ensure that the air that you and your employees breathe are at least 95 percent free of harmful contaminants. This way, you lower your risk of getting sick.

The average desktop computer can harbour more pathogens than the toilet seat. This is the observation of researchers from the University of Arizona.

The study showed that the bacteria present in a desktop computer are 400 times more than the number of bacteria you can find on a toilet seat.

It is safe to assume that the cleaning practices of these establishments are not enough to kill disease-causing bacteria. A commercial cleaning company can provide a much deeper clean.

Commercial establishments can safeguard their employees’ health by getting the services of a commercial cleaning company.

They can reduce the level of harmful contaminants by at least 95 percent. This helps ensure that employees will have a lower chance of getting sick.

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