How the Best Vibration Platform Can Help You Lose Weight

Everyone wants to lose weight. Well, at least every other person I know from the office does. And while I have been encouraging them to eat more sensibly and to couple this with increased physical activity or exercise, many fail because of the latter part. The thing is that not many can actually find enough motivation to exercise because of other commitments. If you really want to lose weight, but are hampered by time constraints maybe the best vibration platform can help you. I’ve personally seen how the lives of the people I know have been transformed by this small exercise equipment. If they can lose weight, I’m pretty sure you can, too.

Before you put effort on the vibration platforms to consider, you might want to consider taking a crash course on Weight Loss 101 first.

Losing weight is all about creating an imbalance between the energy you take and the energy you spend. Why? If you take in more energy than what you can effectively use, the excess will be stored as fat and glycogen. Our body is so adept at storing energy that if we don’t do anything to use this energy, you already know what happens.

I’ve got a doctor friend who explained to me the physiology of weight gain and I can tell you personally that the imbalance between food intake and exercise is one of the major reasons why a lot of people are becoming obese. We eat a lot of high-calories, high-fat foods yet we don’t exercise that much. It is perfectly okay to eat such foods if only we can find the same level of resolve to exercise to obtain a net balance between energy intake and energy spent.

So how does a vibration platform fit into this, you ask?

Well, remember what I said about one of the reasons why many folks don’t want to exercise is because of time constraints? A vibration platform effectively addresses such a concern. As a matter of fact you could very well be reading your favourite book or perhaps enjoying a soap opera or reality show on TV and still be able to take full weight loss benefits of a vibration machine.


Think of a super-sized bathroom weighing scale that you are going to step on. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to step on the platform standing up or sitting down. As long as you’ve got your feet firmly planted on the vibrating platform, you’re good to go.

Embedded inside this machine is a motor that drives the vibration plate in different directions, depending on the type of the design. There are those that move like a see-saw while others mimic the up-down movement of an elevator. Then, there are vibration machines that add another direction of movement so you get a 3D effect. Still, there are those that come with 4D motion.

The movement of the vibrating plate occurs at a very rapid pace, which can actually be set or controlled accordingly. The movements are what send vibrations towards the body. Each vibration is like a stimulus that charges muscle groups to contract and then relax. This occurs with each vibration. Now, if you have 100 vibrations per second you are actually contracting and relaxing the muscles of your body 100 times per second, too.

This is very important since the faster the vibrations the quicker it is to activate a larger group of muscles. In other words, you don’t need to warm up your muscles anymore to get them ready for the main action. The vibration machine does it already for you. This makes it exceptionally efficient in targeting muscles.

And now for the juicy part. Jogging for 60 minutes will let you burn about 500 calories on average. Did you know that you can actually burn the same amount of calories on a vibration machine by simply standing on the platform for about 10 minutes? That’s also equivalent to about 30 minutes of swimming freestyle. The best part is you’ll never leave the comfort of your home or even give up what you enjoy doing.

Vibration machines are excellent choice for people who recognise the value of achieving a more ideal body weight without exercising. Now that’s one for the books.

Treadmill as an Effective Tool in Losing Weight

sole-treadmillSince I entered my 30’s I noticed that I have been gaining wait. The bulge in my belly and the bigger size of my arms have become more noticeable. I started to feel like I’m not good looking anymore and that I don’t have any authority to command at my work. Even if I have a higher position in the office, I don’t feel that confident when talking to my co-workers even if I used to do such task before. Though I don’t really look unpleasant, having a not so sexy body has apparently hugely affected my self-confidence and self-esteem. Luckily, I didn’t get depressed and let the situation take over me. I asked some of my close friends about the different ways that are effective in helping people lose weight. One of my best friends told me that using a treadmill to lose weight is one of the effective and healthy ways to lose significant amount of weight.   

 When I also started having busy work schedules, I also forgot to follow a regular exercise schedule. I also tend to resort to instant and convenient foods such as cup noodles and burgers several times in a week. I surmised that these are the main reasons why I weigh heavier and look bigger now. So, as part of a concrete way to shed off pounds, I searched the web to look for the best treadmill available today. After a few taps and clicks, I was directed to numerous links about the best treadmills. I am happy that there are now factors that can be considered when determining which brands are truly effective and are of high quality. One of the factors I considered are the testimonials and customer reviews. One of the links I stumbled upon is the sole f85 treadmill review by the Health Constitution. I was satisfied when I learned that there are several brands of treadmill that can really help users get back in shape while losing weight on a weekly basis.     

After having enough information about the different brands of treadmill that I can consider, I finally decided to choose one and purchased the item immediately. I got the unit within 48 hours and was happy with the look and overall design. While waiting for the arrival of the delivery, I also did some research about the proper ways to use the weight loss equipment. I was surprised that there are a lot of mistakes that many people do when using the treadmill. If I haven’t read the article I might also be doing the said mistakes. The mistakes include wearing of the wrong shoes, slapping the feet down, looking at the feet, striding too long, arms are not steady and all over the place, sticking to one routine, holding the bars, using the autopilot, overdoing the exercise, and lunching forward. Before I knew about the mistakes, I thought that the longer you use the treadmill each session gives you a higher chance of losing weight. I was wrong and I actually felt happy too because it means that I don’t have to spend long hours on the treadmill just to lose weight.   

I learned that when there is elevated resting heart rate, little aches and pains, and excess muscle soreness, the person is overtraining and must stop especially when the signs are getting worse. When overtraining happens, there must be a re-evaluation of the workout program. I took note of the advice that high-intensity workouts are only good and effective if done two to three times each week. Then, moderate exercises are good if done three to five times each week. Working out the body too much will have a negative side effect later on. So, the key to optimize the benefits of every exercise is to just do it with the right amount of time. With 45-minute treadmill every day, one can lose 1 to 2 pounds every week. The exact amount depends on the diet of the person. So, if you regularly do treadmill in moderation and follow a healthy diet, then you will be able to lose up to 2 pounds each week.  

After learning most of the important information about treadmill exercise, I planned my schedule and fixed to do treadmill 5 days a week for 45 minutes each session. It has been 6 weeks since I started the exercise. During the first three weeks, I didn’t change my diet. I noticed that the weight I lose is around 0.9 to 1 pound every week. Because I really wanted to speed up the process of losing weight, I also decided to have a change in my diet. I started to get rid of processed foods and chose to always consume organic food. After having a significant change in my diet, I noticed that I started losing around 1.5 to 1.7 pounds every week. With the very positive results, I began to regain my well-shaped body and my level of confidence.  

I asked other people whom I know are also doing treadmills. I noticed that those who does the exercise for two to three hours every day have lost a smaller amount of weight compared to what I have shed off. That confirmed that long hours of treadmill is not effective ujbtbri. This is why I stick to the 45-minute length of exercise every time I do treadmill.

With the inspiring results of treadmill exercise, I can say that I did a great decision of buying a treadmill unit.

How to Deal with Sleepless Nights

sleepI remember being a teenager and wanting to be able to stay up the whole night and do my stuff, whether it’s playing on my computer or simply chatting with friends on the phone. My mom was, understandably, not very happy with my sleeping habits because I was not getting enough rest. Back then I couldn’t wait to be an adult and just do what I wanted when I wanted to.

Fast forward to a few years, and now I am an adult, with work and other responsibilities. The last thing I want to do these days is to sleep late because I am always so tired. Despite that, I just had problems falling asleep. Whether it’s because of stress or a long list of things to do, I just couldn’t get my mind relaxed enough to simply drift off to dreamland.

This can really be difficult when you have to wake up early the next day. I was accumulating a lot of sleep debt and felt extremely exhausted. Finally, it was time for me to deal with the problem. I wanted to find ways on how to sleep fast. Not only was it becoming too difficult for me to function normally at work, I was also highly distracted at times and I could feel myself getting easily sick.

In fact, as a recent study showed, a good snooze is not just to rest our brains, but our bodies need it also to be able to fight off viruses and infections. The research showed that those who slept less than 5 hours every day were 4.5 times more likely to develop a cold than those who had the minimum requirement of 7 hours. Those who managed 5 to 6 hrs of good sleep were still 4.24 times at risk of getting sick. Our nightly shut-eye actually allows us to fight off infections, while the lack of good rest will lower our defenses. This definitely explained why I would always have the sniffles when I had a particularly bad night.

Moreover, sleep-deprived people like me are more likely to have car accidents, get depressed, be overweight and suffer from conditions like diabetes and cancer. This is why I desperately turned to these tips sleep experts recommend to help me achieve a good night’s rest:

  1. Distracting the Mind

I cannot count the times I have tossed and turned around in bed, reviewing the day’s happenings in my mind and thinking about what faced me the next morning. In situations like these, it is recommended to distract your mind by reading. Using a low light to avoid waking up or confusing your body clock, pick up a book. This will allow fatigue to set in, making you feel sleepier. Just make sure to avoid reading on electronic devices, as their light might disrupt your body clock more.

  1. Listen to Some Music

Relaxing music is proven to lower blood pressure and slow down your heart rate. Calming tunes or the sound of waves or rainfall can help you slumber more quickly, and you even achieve a better quality of sleep.

  1. Blow Some Bubbles

If you have kids, try and sneak their bubbles as a way of helping you fall asleep. Blowing on them is similar to deep breathing and will help you relax. Moreover, the little bubbles will entrance you and move your thoughts away from other things.

If you find the exercise too strange, you can also try meditation. Sit down and close your eyes, and simply count your breaths.

  1. Write it Down

Sometimes having too much in our mind is the reason why we simply cannot fall asleep. Why not keep a notebook beside your bed and just write down what is keeping you up? This way, your brain will stop processing this information and be able to finally rest.

  1. Go for an Exercise

Stress makes your body produce cortisol. This hormone actually keeps your mind alert, which prevents you from falling asleep. Some studies have shown that doing certain intense exercises before your bedtime can actually lower the cortisol levels in your body. This allows you, in turn, to drift into the Sandman’s arms.

  1. Put Away Your Clock

Looking at the time will stress you instead of help you relax. When you are literally counting down the hours before you have to wake up again, you are making it even more difficult to fall asleep. So turn that clock away and reduce the anxiety.

  1. Chill

The optimal temperature to sleep is between 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (about 18 to 20 degrees Celsius). Your core body temperature also tends to fall when you drift off to sleep. Make sure that your room is of the right conditions so that you can slumber more easily.

These are basic tips to help those who are suffering sleepless nights. Should you, however, still have issues, it might be a sign of a bigger problem. In this case, visit a doctor to be able to fully address it. Otherwise, try to follow these steps and see how it helps you in the days or weeks to come. As it was for me, it took some time before I could really train myself to sleep fast. But in the end, they worked and I am happily enjoying my nightly slumber and waking up feeling refreshed and energized every day.

Building Your Kids Confidence through Drum Lessons

drum lessons for kidsTechnology brings a new kind of distraction for kids. Nowadays, children as young as 2 years old can be seen fiddling with tablets, mobiles, and other gadgets. While there are also benefits of early exposure to technology, there are other fun and exciting ways to help them grow holistically. Learning an instrument, for example, nurtures kid’s love for music and brings a host of advantages.

Drums would be a great starting point. I’m pretty sure that the idea of striking surfaces will give your children heightened emotions. They’ll love it, more so because it’s easy to learn. Plus, the benefits of playing drum for kids are plenty. You may want to consider enrolling your kids for lessons during school breaks.

In Melbourne, many different groups offer tutorials. But because drum lessons are also investments, always settle for the best. And the best one in town is Red Drum Music located at Prahran. The instructors are passionate and competent. They are flexible they accommodate all kinds of learners, from novice to skilled. They even provide private lessons. Visit page to find out about their lesson. Or if you live somewhere near the area, talk to the teachers for the right program for your kids. I assure you that once you talk to them, all your worries about safety or difficulty of lessons will be gone.

Well, the idea of learning an instrument shouldn’t worry any parent. As said, there are many benefits to reap from sending kids off for drum lessons. Among them are the following:


Your kids’ bottomless energy will be channeled into a creative and productive outlet. While playing toys also hones creativity, learning drums or other instruments produces skills they can later build. My kid loves rough plays and I notice that he is also more attuned to beats. It wasn’t difficult for me to figure drums will be the right instrument for him. Personality does have to match the choice of instrument to learn after all. You can ask advice from the instructors. Or you can enroll right away, besides drums is always fun and they later learn other instruments.


Other than peers and schoolmates, social groups are also beneficial for your children. The dynamics will be different with his interest groups. There, your kids will experience psychological flow while learning with the other kids. He is not limited to his age group as opposed to when he’s just at school, and that’s absolutely great. His socialization skills are gradually improving, which will help him better adapt to the changing world when he reaches adulthood.


He’ll more likely be able to express pent-up emotions through music. Let’s face it, many teenagers and even adults have difficulty expressing emotions in a constructive manner. Many resort to addiction when brokenhearted or engage in other risky behaviors when lost. With music, children learn early that they can vent out their innermost thoughts and feelings without harming others or themselves.

I’m just glad my son is finally learning drums. I notice when he’s mad at something, he goes off to his room and play the drums. Later, he’ll emerged back into the living room with renewed energy and spirit.
Although nowadays, parents feel that musicians have idiosyncratic personalities. Make it a point for kids to have a balanced life. It’s alright for kids to find comfort in music, but teach them to open up to their significant others when problems strike. There’s nothing more reassuring than being with another human being.


Like said, learning an instrument is a good kind of distraction for kids. They are prevented from engaging in risky behaviors. If music truly is your kid’s passion, then you must be thankful for that discovery. At least, they’re geared towards something productive at early age. Who knows, they may even make a career out of it. Just remember to let kids be kids. Let them have fun learning drums, or any other instrument. Let them explore also. If they want to venture into learning guitar, allow them. It’s a learning process after all.

Overall, I would say that sending kids to drum lessons is the best decision I’ve made. The experience made them more holistic. It’s nice to see them trained in music skills other than in academics. The environment also paved way for them to make new friends and interact with adults. I am much more delighted that I send the kids to Red Drum Music. There, I can just leave my youngsters without fear of being bullied or pushed too far. Even kids with autism learn drums with them. Expert drummers praise how teachers can improve techniques with slight adjustments.

So now, best to drop the news to your kids of their incoming drum lessons. I’m sure their hearts will be overjoyed.

Addressing the Issue of Infertility with Fertility Acupuncture

fertility acupunctureAcupuncture can be an effective factor to help increase the chances of conceiving a child. The women who undergo an acupuncture treatment for fertility prior to an IVF treatment, are more likely to become pregnant than those who do not. According to Melbourne fertility acupuncture specialists, the main reason for this is that it increases the blood circulation, relaxes the uterus and makes a much thicker endocrine lining. These are all vital aspects that improve conception. As with every medical condition treatment, it is best to know the source of the problem. The inability to conceive is merely one symptom of the problem that should be diagnosed first before any treatment starts.

Both men and women can have problems with infertility for a variety of reasons. In the case of women, conditions like low levels of progesterone, ovulation or ovarian disorders, endometriosis can contribute to infertility. In men, the most common causes are low number of sperm, sperm blockage, sexually transmitted diseases, aging and motility. In some cases, the underlying cause is not identified. Recent studies indicate that about 30% of fertility conditions are related to stress. Stress can make a viscous cycle with regards to conceiving.

When utilized for fertility purposes, acupuncture is practically a painless course of treatment. This procedure is also covered by certain health care insurance policies. Even short acupuncture sessions of less than 15 minutes have proven to have favorable results on pregnancy rates. It is also considered that a lot of this is due to the decreased levels of stress in women who are undergoing the procedure. Fertility massage can also be beneficial for women, considering that massage help in reducing stress hormones and stress levels.

What is Fertility Acupuncture?

This form of acupuncture is an Ancestral Eastern technique that is meant to improve the electrons in the lines of energy in your body as a way to help the system perform much better. This lines of energy are also known as meridians, which have an incredible effect on every single organ in the body system. And, this includes the reproductive system. So, how do these meridians influence the ability of your body to become pregnant? First, you have to learn how meridians are developed to be able to understand how they can affect your fertility.

When an embryo develops in the womb, every one of the cells that make up its composition are continuously dividing and moving. As these cells begin to merge into each other, they produce fold lines that are responsible for separating similar cells into different groups. These particular groups eventually become organs in the body.

These folds, also called energy channels, stay in the body system long before you are born, which connect every one of the organs to one another via the energy channels. It is the reason why the stimulating points in the hands and feet affect the ovaries or kidneys. All the organs of the body are connected through the energy channels. If this energy suffers from resistance caused by various factors depending on the lifestyle, the channels get clogged. Consequently, it is the job of the acupuncture to ease this pressure and allow the energy to properly flow once again.

Is Fertility Acupuncture Effective?

If you are thinking about using natural treatment solutions to increase fertility, then acupuncture is a real advantage. However, the greatest results can come from incorporating acupuncture with other natural treatment methods for fertility. The most efficient fertility method is the one that combines herbal, traditional medicine and acupuncture. For a successful fertility acupuncture, patients undergo treatment sessions for a few months before an attempt to inseminate either by egg transfer, in vitro or natural.

While acupuncture has a long, successful history of being utilized for infertility treatment, it has its limitations. The key is to determine the root cause of the problem to help you know if acupuncture is the best approach. In certain cases in which the cause is unidentified, acupuncture is still beneficial as it can improve the blood circulation to the endometrium. As the flow of blood improves, it produces a thick, rich lining that is suitable for fertility.

Again, getting acupuncture treatments to help increase fertility is not something that is exclusive to women. When men choose to receive fertility acupuncture procedures, it could help increase the level of sperm count. It was discovered that men who received acupuncture as part of their treatments for their infertility problems experienced a marked progress in their sperm cells.

The article you have just read concerns women’s health. You might want to read more interesting yet helpful topics such as this when you click here. As you read more health-related article, you gain a lot of ideas and information that will bring you closer to healthy living. This alone is a great advantage.

Apartment Location and Its Effects on Your Health

If you just graduated and is looking for a new job, or you and your partner have decided to move out, or you are starting a small family, you surely must be needing a good apartment. In Australia, you can buy off the plan apartments in Melbourne or other highly developed and urbanized cities to have more income and career opportunities. Australia, particularly its major cities, is a great place to live and realize those dreams and aspirations.

But before you buy an apartment, there is a buying an apartment checklist that you should highly consider. One major reason is the fact that the location of an apartment is crucial in the status of your health. Below are the reasons why apartment location will greatly affect your health.

Too Much Noise Will Give You Stress

Apartments are located in cities for obvious reasons. Most people go to the city or live in the city because it’s the center of business. This means that apartments in cities are exposed to too much noise from the many people, vehicles and buildings. The public market, for example, is an area where people come and go almost 24 hours every day. The noise from trucks loading perishable and non-perishable goods always break the air even at night. So, an apartment near public markets is not a good choice. You won’t be able to sleep well and soundly if there is noise pollution every day.

You should also disregard apartments that are located in major roads where there are thousands of vehicles that travel every day. The noise pollution from heavy traffic jams won’t give you peaceful moments. After a long day of hard work, what you want is to have a relaxing and comforting time in your own apartment. You won’t get that when your unit is located along a major road.

Too Many Vehicles Emit Harmful Gases

Aside from the noise, the vehicles emit harmful gases such as carbon monoxide that will greatly contribute in the development of respiratory diseases and even lung cancer. Not only your health but also the health of your loved ones will be in great danger. In addition, this will incur you a lot of expenses for the medicines and doctor consultation fees that you have to avail to make sure you don’t get or prevent any disease.

Your apartment will also get vulnerable to the harmful effects of the gases. For one, it can make the walls look dark and dirt. When gases enter the room through the windows, the same effect will happen to your inner walls, furniture such as the sofa, and other things inside the apartment. So, the best thing to do is to choose apartment units that are located in minor or inner roads where not all of the vehicles have to pass through just to get to their destination.

Lack of Trees Makes It Hard to Breathe

Aside from pollutants in the air, too many people, and too many buildings, what makes an apartment location bad for your health is the lack of trees. The presence of trees is important so there will be oxygen that will counter the effects of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases. But if there are no trees, breathing will be even harder for you. Lack of plenty of oxygen will make your immune and your overall health condition weak and poor.

So, it is for your benefit to choose a location that has good urban planning. There are also real estate owners that are now more sensitive of the need for a good landscape that includes a lot of trees and other smaller plants so residents can live comfortably and healthily. There are even buildings with apartment units that incorporate plants in the design.

Nearby Factories Will Also Harm Your Health

There are cities that also allow the operation of factories. Though they are not usually located in business districts, there are apartment units that are built near them. You’re lucky if the factory is emitting aromatic odors of chocolates or coffee beans being processed. But if the factories are processing chemicals, then your health is susceptible to the development of several kinds of illness.

So, you should also be wary about the presence of nearby factories when looking for an apartment unit. The subdivision or area where the apartment is located may have a good landscape. However, it won’t work if there are nearby factories that also emit harmful gases and throw harmful chemicals in the bodies of water or drainage systems near them.

apartmentIn the real estate industry, location is always a major consideration when choosing a home. And one important factor that is part of the location aspect is the health of those who will be living in it. The reasons stated above are what makes the location of an apartment essential. You have to be highly aware of where it is situated, whether or not it is near a crowded place, numerous buildings, vehicles and factories.

Leading Healthier Lives with Fresh Foods

healthy foodHealth is aptly defined as the amalgamation of the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social aspects of a person’s wellbeing. This simply means that he needs to be physically fit and free from any disease or illness as well as of sound mind and mental processes and abilities. He also needs to be able to form healthy relationships with both himself, the others around him, and one Higher Being.

Regular physical activities and exercises together with a healthy diet of fresh foods will significantly impact not only physical health but also one’s mental, social, and emotional wellbeing. While different individuals will have varying views on what constitutes good food, it is readily apparent that fresh, unadulterated, and unprocessed food items offer the best health benefits for human consumption.

More and more individuals are becoming aware of the need to consume more of natural fresh foods and less of the synthetic and heavily processed food items. As such, health stores such as the quality health food shops in Melbourne VIC as well as in other cities all over the world are gradually increasing their inventory of fresh produce in order to provide the ever-growing number of consumers needing to lead healthier lives.

What are Fresh Foods?

Fresh food items are products that are not processed either by canning, dehydration, smoking, or freezing, or any other method f extending the food item’s shelf life. These foods are usually brought to the supermarket, health shops, and other retail outlets fresh from the farm or the sea. They are still in their natural state without the need for any intervention that will significantly lengthen their shelf life.

Legally, fresh food items have been defined by the US Food and Drug Administration to those food products that are in their raw state and have never been subjected to freezing, thermal processing, or any form of food preservation. However, the definition excludes the use of approved coatings or waxes, the application of mild acid wash or mild chlorine wash, and the use of approved pesticides post-harvest. The US FDA also considers food items that have been treated with minimal ionizing radiation as fresh.

Health Benefits of Fresh Foods

The benefits of fresh food products are well-documented. Many of these health benefits are grounded on the theory that raw, unadulterated food products are able to lock in all of their nutrients which, if treated thermally or with preservatives, might otherwise be lost if processed.

Improves Immune System Functioning

Fresh foods are naturally packed with antioxidants that work primarily to improve immune system functioning. Non-specific immunity as well as specific immune responses have been shown to be greatly enhanced by the antioxidants Spirulina and Astaxanthin several hundred times more than carotenoids as alpha tocopherol. When these antioxidants are left untouched and undamaged, you can reap the full benefits of protection against infections and other health conditions where a fully functioning immune system will be required.

Provide Protection against Cardiovascular Conditions

Fresh foods contain antioxidants and other nutrients in their unaltered forms that are essential for keeping the heart and blood vessels healthy. Studies have shown that foods naturally high in antioxidants such as Vitamin E and beta carotene as well as lycopene can provide adequate protection against cardiovascular diseases particularly those related to coronary artery conditions.

Provide Healthier Skin

The beta carotene contained in freshly harvested farm produce is significantly higher than those that are found in highly processed food items. Together with astaxanthin, beta carotene, Vitamin E, and other antioxidants work to give you healthier skin. These substances are also essential in arresting the effects of premature skin aging so that you will not have fine lines and wrinkles even though you are not yet old. Antioxidants in fresh foods can also help prevent photodermatoses as well as the development of skin cancers.

Other Health Benefits of Fresh Foods

Fresh foods have been well-documented to be especially beneficial in protecting the body against eye problems, cognitive impairments particularly involving memory, and certain mood disorders.

The health benefits of fresh food items are directly related to the amount of unadulterated nutrients that they contain in their raw state. These same nutrients may be lost or altered significantly when processed. As such, it is always advisable to use only fresh ingredients in food preparations. If at all possible, fresh foods should be eaten as is, without cooking, in order to reap its full range of benefits. In a nutshell, the best foods for our health can only be found in nature.

Proven Health Benefits of Acupuncture

AccupunctureOne of the world’s best known traditional treatments is acupuncture. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a means of unblocking the unseen flow of energy known as “qi” which is understood as the reason for a host of many health problems.

The Practice of Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles into specific areas of the skin that correspond to a specific organ meridian. In traditional Chinese medicine this action re-establishes the balance of energy flows in the body, creating harmony, and alleviating the symptoms experienced by the person.

However, among Western acupuncture practitioners, stimulation of the acupuncture points improves blood flow and stimulates the release of natural painkillers from the brain.

Health Benefits of Acupuncture

Although considered a pseudoscience by most members of the medical community, acupuncture has nonetheless, found its way into Western medical practices. A lot of studies have been devoted into the effectiveness of acupuncture for a variety of health conditions. Although some results were inconclusive, acupuncture has been proven to provide the following health benefits.

• Alleviates low back pain
• Improves the pain experienced in headaches and migraines as well as other types of tension headaches
• Reduces pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis
• Reduces pain associated with tennis elbow or lateral elbow pain
• Improves the symptoms associated with chronic knee pain
• Reduces nausea and vomiting after surgery
• Reduces post-operative pain
• Reduces the itching sensations related to allergic rhinitis
• Reduces nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy
• Reduces pain experienced by cancer patients but only in combination with or as an adjunct to mainstream narcotic opioid analgesics
• Reduces the pain and stiffness experienced by patients with fibromyalgia
• Useful as an adjunct to in vitro fertilization procedures
• May help reduce the swelling and tenderness of joints of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and contribute to the overall health of the patient
• May help post-CVA patients with neurologic deficits and dysfunction
• Reduces post-CVA shoulder pain when used in conjunction with exercise

Numerous other health benefits have been documented but are still awaiting more conclusive, scientifically-based evidences to generate widespread acceptance by the medical community. While it may still take some time before acupuncture will be fully integrated either as a treatment option in itself or as an adjunct to conventional treatments, many around the world are living testaments to acupuncture’s unrivaled effectiveness. We all know that health is wealth and so it would be a great advantage to be updated on the latest trends about this topic. Learn more and click here.

When Working is Not Only Productive, It Should be Safe as Well

Injury 3safe work environment is as important as the quality of products and services a certain company provides its many customers. As no company operates without human intervention, the interface between man and machine and their immediate environment can produce issues that affect one another. At some point, the incidence of accidents cannot be avoided, despite precautionary measures being practiced.

The environment can be significantly altered because of man’s indiscriminate activities as well as constant exposure to machine wastes. Machines are much faster to break down because of man’s lack of prudence and the effect of the elements. And man can suffer a variety of health problems because of improper use of machines and the relatively unsafe environment with which he is working on.

More often than not, man feels the brunt of any breaks in this relationship through a variety of physical complaints. In many cases, office workers complain about back pains, neck and shoulder pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, visual problems, and stress just to name a few. Melbourne’s workforce commonly complains of musculoskeletal problems, forming the bulk of the work-related health complaints, that it is wise to visit Prahran physio clinic at the soonest possible time.

Injuries in the workplace are inevitable however they can be prevented. Whether the injury is simple or complex, the intervention of physical therapy can help relieve the worker involved. One important aspect in this situation is that physical therapy should be taken seriously in order to achieve full recovery. As a result, getting back to work brings back normality in life.

Workplace Related Injuries

In Melbourne, the top five business sectors where majority are employed with include healthcare and social services, manufacturing, retail trade, professional and technical services, and construction. In any of these workplace environments, there bounds to be some form of injury that can occur.

Workplace-related injuries can come from a variety of sources. It can come from an incorrect posture from the worker himself. Or it can also come from failure to observe basic safety protocols when operating machines. It is also possible to get injuries from work because of problems in the infrastructure such as faulty electrical wirings as well as overloaded circuitry.

Some of the more common types of workplace injuries include the following: 


Workers in the construction industries are pretty much exposed to excessive pulling and pushing movements as well as lifting heavy objects, holding onto surfaces for extended periods of time, carrying heavier loads than required, and throwing heavy items. These activities can create problems in the muscles as well as other health risks. It is usually the males who are into these kinds of jobs.

Fall Injuries

Whether it be falling on the same level or falling to a much lower level, fall injuries are simply a risk that people have to take.  Office workers can suffer falls as well by falling off their chair while sitting or when climbing up a stair and slipping.

Injuries Resulting from the Reaction of the Body

Improper bending, prolonged standing, slouched sitting, overextended reaching, and accidental slipping or tripping can all result in workplace injuries. One concrete example is office work.

Being Struck by Objects

More common among workers in the manufacturing and construction industries, the risk is nonetheless highly likely to occur anywhere else. Office workers may also be struck by a wayward trolley or some other movable equipment.

Repetitive Motions

Office workers are more prone to develop this type of work-related injury especially those who had to use the keyboard the whole day. In other industries such as in construction, repetitive motion injuries can also occur among workers that are constantly banging away at their piece of work.

Preventing Workplace Related Injuries

Preventing workplace injuries should not be an impossible thing to do. With the correct set of knowledge and the strong determination to implement safety protocols at the organizational level as well as among individual workers on a more personal manner, everyone in any company can minimize the risk of work-related injuries.

  • Be guided by existing safety protocols including the management of emergencies should one arise.
  • Companies need to have a regular health and safety inspection of their facilities to identify any areas that need to be addressed.
  • Companies need to have a fully-staffed medical clinic to handle health-related concerns as well as work-related injuries before transfer to an acute care facility.
  • Individual workers need to abide by safety regulations and protocols such as wearing the appropriate gear at work as well as exhibiting safe behaviors in the performance of his functions.

Injury 2Work-related injuries have been a great concern for some time now. This is why health, safety, and industry experts agree that they key to improving overall efficiency and productivity is by ensuring a safe working environment for workers to feel secure.