Microdermabrasion Took My Insecurities Away

Today, we’re more exposed to pollution, harsh elements, and even damaging chemical agents that we put on our skin just to make ourselves look presentable at work. Most of the time, our work responsibilities also add to the stress which makes us look several years or even decades older than our chronological age. In other words, modern women are growing way older at a much faster rate than we used to. And if you’re like me who works both in and out of the office almost on a daily basis, getting exposed to a lot of environmental elements each day, you’ll eventually notice that your skin doesn’t look and feel that young anymore.

This can have significant repercussions in our self-esteem as well as self-confidence. To regain these, we need to take action. Fortunately for me, I was introduced several weeks ago by an officemate to a beauty clinic that provided microdermabrasion treatments. It would seem that she and her girlfriends have been frequenting this clinic for a long time. It’s their secret, she said.

I hesitated at first. You can say that I wasn’t really a firm believer of such technologies. After all, how can a spray of microcrystals help me regain my confidence and self-esteem? But then something in me wanted to try. And so I did.

My friend set up an appointment for me with the clinic. It was an agonizing week before my appointment since I wasn’t really sure what to expect. All I know is that the treatment is going to remove the outermost layer of my skin – those that are composed of dead skin cells – supposedly to stimulate the underlying skin cells to come up to the surface and replace those that have been removed. I was also told that it was great for those with fine lines, age spots, clogged pores, wrinkles, and even problems with skin texture. I wasn’t really sure if my friend was referring to the ideal candidates for the microscopic dermabrasion treatment or was she referring to me.

Regardless, the day of reckoning arrived and I arrived at the clinic 30 minutes early. I purposely went earlier so I could check out the facilities, have a chat with other clients perhaps to help me alleviate my worries. The clinic was in pristine order, like a well-organised establishment. The staff were very friendly, too, making me feel welcome and comfortable the moment I stepped right through their door.

When my name was called, I was guided to the treatment chair. The clinician asked me if I had any concerns before she gets started. She was very open and quite frank. All I know is that she did allay my apprehensions about the treatment.

The clinician proceeded to use a wand which I later learned is actually filled with microscopic crystals of aluminium oxide. The wand sprayed a very fine mist of these micro crystals on my skin. It didn’t actually hurt, but I could feel it was quite warm. The clinician explained that this is because of the abrasive action of the micro crystals. They’re actually chipping away at my skin, removing the ‘dirty’ and ‘old’ outer layer so that the fresher and younger-looking inner layer will show.

The treatment lasted only about 30 minutes, although I was told it could take 60 depending on the degree of skin issue that needs to be addressed. No wonder they call this procedure the ‘lunch hour facial’ since it can be accomplished in under an hour, roughly the length of time for lunch breaks.

After the treatment, you could say that I was impressed with the results. I couldn’t see any visible fine lines and wrinkles on my face anymore. My skin also looked more vibrant, more pinkish than pale white. It’s like I no longer need to put makeup on since my skin was already glowing naturally.

My friend was right. Microdermabrasion treatment can really help improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. I know that a single session is not enough to make accurate generalizations. But if that single session already dispelled my apprehensions about the treatment, what more if I decide to have other problem areas on my skin treated?

I feel way more confident than ever because I look and feel way younger. I still have fine lines, but these are nothing compared to what I have magically removed using the treatments at this amazing beauty clinic.

Wouldn’t you want to regain your confidence, too? If you really want to look and feel young again to regain your self-esteem, you’d definitely want to check out the treatments at Beaute @ 2001.

Getting an Absolutely Gorgeous Hair for Wedding Party

Whether you are the one getting married or have been given the honour and privilege to be the venerable Bridesmaid or you were simply invited to attend the wedding reception, you will definitely have to look your best by dressing appropriately – not overkill but just enough to project a certain class and elegance of your own – and having a great makeup and hairdo. While the bride might have a full entourage of professional hairstylists and hairdressers to fix and take care of her hair needs, you, on the other hand, do not need that kind of very detailed attention. You can simply visit a hairstyling salon or parlour a few days before the wedding party and you will be on your way.

For Australians, any formal gathering or celebrations require you to be in your absolute best, but not in a way that you will outshine the most important person of the gathering. Although you really cannot blame yourself if you simply turned out to be the best of them all, especially if you availed of the professional hairstyling services of Australia’s key cities such as one of the top hairdressers in Melbourne CBD – Rakis on CollinsTheir expertise comes from a long line of professional hairdressers and hairstylists who have dedicated a great portion of their lives to master the art of hairstyling and hairdressing so that any customer who comes knocking outside the doors of their beauty salons will leave looking good and feeling much more confident about themselves.

While some individuals look down at members of the hairdressing profession as nothing more than a glorified trade, there is more to the art of hairdressing than the cutting, perming, blow-drying, and styling. Hairdressers themselves have to have a unique body of knowledge especially on the different types of hair and the functional anatomy of the hair. They need to understand how certain characteristics of hair can spell the difference between a truly fabulous looking set of locks and a true hairstyling disaster. This is a very important consideration because, even if you are not the one getting married or have the privilege to be the Bridesmaid, you simply do not want to draw attention to yourself during the wedding party for the wrong reasons. You want to stand out in the wedding party simply because you have great looking and really gorgeous hair and not because of a disastrous styling on top of your head.

Before you head out to the salon, you need to try to get in touch with the wedding party planners. Try to ask the overall theme of the wedding including the primary colour to be used. You may also want to take a close look at the soon-to-be married couple as well as the list of guests. You need to stand out during the party but not in a way that is directly opposite the theme of the party.

If you want to go to the wedding party wearing a long and silky set of locks, then you need to prepare for it. A few months before the wedding party, you need to grow your hair steadily. If the rate of growth is simply not fast enough, then go to your professional hairstylist to try on some hair extensions. You can choose from bonded or clip-in extensions.  Several days before the wedding party, you can add hair clarifiers to your daily routine of shampoo-based deep hair cleaning. You need not only have to have good looking hairstyle, you also need to have hair that really shines and full of life.

You may also want to visit your favourite beauty salon by this time to have your cut. While it is often advisable to have your haircut at least a week before the event to allow for minor repairs or modifications should it turn out to be not what you expected, the decision is ultimately up to you. A few days before the wedding party, you can try playing with different styles to wear to the party. Play with a twisted bun or a side pony, a flat twist, and a cinnamon roll updo. Experiment with a twist and pin, Hollywood waves, edgy updos, twist-tuck-and-braid, and a braid bun bang among others.

There are simply a lot of ways in which you can have a really gorgeous hair when you go to the wedding party. What you need to understand is that you need to prepare adequately for it. And it is for this reason that a professional hairdresser can be of really great help. A complete wedding outfit can never be complete without a neatly and attractively done hairdo. Doing this alone can be a big hassle, especially when there’s just little time left. Leave out the stress and go straight to the experts.

How to Choose the Right Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Wedding ceremony is one of the auspicious moment of every bride which is a once in a life time achievement followed by a great memories of a beginning of life long relationship. Every bride wants to be look as much as beautiful as possible for this event and for that they use to start their preparation much earlier than the day of wedding.

It is very much obvious that a bridal make up can do the magic in a way to represent or carve out best of the appearance of a bride, if performed by trained and professional beauticians. When it comes to hire a professional makeup artist, it becomes very much bewildering for a bride to final one. Any of the erroneous selection is more than enough to ruin a life time moment within a fraction of time. Hence, most of the brides use to employ a professional makeup artist prior to their wedding by doing a little bit of smart homework at their own end.

Keeping very few of the facts in mind one easily opt their proficient makeup artist without making any nonsensical blunder. Most of the people use to get puzzled while thinking how to begin their hunt for makeup artists as they would not have proper idea or experience regarding this earlier. However, nowadays internet and social networking sites has made such tasks very easy and one can get its likewise services with the help those websites, like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are the names of few. These social sites have bulk of professionals with their sample of work to consider. You can review their websites and reviews, consult their work with their previous clients and your friends as well by sharing links of their sample work. After short listing some of them from vast range of makeup professionals start making contact with them in personal to find the right one for you among all those.DIANNe-Makeup--Hair-Artist

It is advisable to start looking up for the skilled makeup artists little earlier to your wedding eve. This is because most of the beauticians use to allow their clients to have a trial with their touchups so that you can figure out the upshot you are going to have in your wedding. Secondly, you can suggest the beautician any alteration according to your desired look. Previously practiced trials provides convenience to both – bridal and makeup artist- to exchange their views and get prepared accordingly. Finalizing your bridal makeup expert can let you and your expert arrange the things in advance which in turn avoids any last moment hastiness. You both can decide the place and plan that whether you wish to get ready at the venue or at the place of professional.

Always make sure about the package you have opted and negotiate the tariff accordingly. Also give some instructions to your makeup professional with all of the possible wisdom you have in a way to attain promised services and avoiding any last moment change or compromise from the end of your professional.