Apartment Location and Its Effects on Your Health

If you just graduated and is looking for a new job, or you and your partner have decided to move out, or you are starting a small family, you surely must be needing a good apartment. In Australia, you can buy off the plan apartments in Melbourne or other highly developed and urbanized cities to have more income and career opportunities. Australia, particularly its major cities, is a great place to live and realize those dreams and aspirations.

But before you buy an apartment, there is a buying an apartment checklist that you should highly consider. One major reason is the fact that the location of an apartment is crucial in the status of your health. Below are the reasons why apartment location will greatly affect your health.

Too Much Noise Will Give You Stress

Apartments are located in cities for obvious reasons. Most people go to the city or live in the city because it’s the center of business. This means that apartments in cities are exposed to too much noise from the many people, vehicles and buildings. The public market, for example, is an area where people come and go almost 24 hours every day. The noise from trucks loading perishable and non-perishable goods always break the air even at night. So, an apartment near public markets is not a good choice. You won’t be able to sleep well and soundly if there is noise pollution every day.

You should also disregard apartments that are located in major roads where there are thousands of vehicles that travel every day. The noise pollution from heavy traffic jams won’t give you peaceful moments. After a long day of hard work, what you want is to have a relaxing and comforting time in your own apartment. You won’t get that when your unit is located along a major road.

Too Many Vehicles Emit Harmful Gases

Aside from the noise, the vehicles emit harmful gases such as carbon monoxide that will greatly contribute in the development of respiratory diseases and even lung cancer. Not only your health but also the health of your loved ones will be in great danger. In addition, this will incur you a lot of expenses for the medicines and doctor consultation fees that you have to avail to make sure you don’t get or prevent any disease.

Your apartment will also get vulnerable to the harmful effects of the gases. For one, it can make the walls look dark and dirt. When gases enter the room through the windows, the same effect will happen to your inner walls, furniture such as the sofa, and other things inside the apartment. So, the best thing to do is to choose apartment units that are located in minor or inner roads where not all of the vehicles have to pass through just to get to their destination.

Lack of Trees Makes It Hard to Breathe

Aside from pollutants in the air, too many people, and too many buildings, what makes an apartment location bad for your health is the lack of trees. The presence of trees is important so there will be oxygen that will counter the effects of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases. But if there are no trees, breathing will be even harder for you. Lack of plenty of oxygen will make your immune and your overall health condition weak and poor.

So, it is for your benefit to choose a location that has good urban planning. There are also real estate owners that are now more sensitive of the need for a good landscape that includes a lot of trees and other smaller plants so residents can live comfortably and healthily. There are even buildings with apartment units that incorporate plants in the design.

Nearby Factories Will Also Harm Your Health

There are cities that also allow the operation of factories. Though they are not usually located in business districts, there are apartment units that are built near them. You’re lucky if the factory is emitting aromatic odors of chocolates or coffee beans being processed. But if the factories are processing chemicals, then your health is susceptible to the development of several kinds of illness.

So, you should also be wary about the presence of nearby factories when looking for an apartment unit. The subdivision or area where the apartment is located may have a good landscape. However, it won’t work if there are nearby factories that also emit harmful gases and throw harmful chemicals in the bodies of water or drainage systems near them.

apartmentIn the real estate industry, location is always a major consideration when choosing a home. And one important factor that is part of the location aspect is the health of those who will be living in it. The reasons stated above are what makes the location of an apartment essential. You have to be highly aware of where it is situated, whether or not it is near a crowded place, numerous buildings, vehicles and factories.

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