Addressing the Issue of Infertility with Fertility Acupuncture

fertility acupunctureAcupuncture can be an effective factor to help increase the chances of conceiving a child. The women who undergo an acupuncture treatment for fertility prior to an IVF treatment, are more likely to become pregnant than those who do not. According to Melbourne fertility acupuncture specialists, the main reason for this is that it increases the blood circulation, relaxes the uterus and makes a much thicker endocrine lining. These are all vital aspects that improve conception. As with every medical condition treatment, it is best to know the source of the problem. The inability to conceive is merely one symptom of the problem that should be diagnosed first before any treatment starts.

Both men and women can have problems with infertility for a variety of reasons. In the case of women, conditions like low levels of progesterone, ovulation or ovarian disorders, endometriosis can contribute to infertility. In men, the most common causes are low number of sperm, sperm blockage, sexually transmitted diseases, aging and motility. In some cases, the underlying cause is not identified. Recent studies indicate that about 30% of fertility conditions are related to stress. Stress can make a viscous cycle with regards to conceiving.

When utilized for fertility purposes, acupuncture is practically a painless course of treatment. This procedure is also covered by certain health care insurance policies. Even short acupuncture sessions of less than 15 minutes have proven to have favorable results on pregnancy rates. It is also considered that a lot of this is due to the decreased levels of stress in women who are undergoing the procedure. Fertility massage can also be beneficial for women, considering that massage help in reducing stress hormones and stress levels.

What is Fertility Acupuncture?

This form of acupuncture is an Ancestral Eastern technique that is meant to improve the electrons in the lines of energy in your body as a way to help the system perform much better. This lines of energy are also known as meridians, which have an incredible effect on every single organ in the body system. And, this includes the reproductive system. So, how do these meridians influence the ability of your body to become pregnant? First, you have to learn how meridians are developed to be able to understand how they can affect your fertility.

When an embryo develops in the womb, every one of the cells that make up its composition are continuously dividing and moving. As these cells begin to merge into each other, they produce fold lines that are responsible for separating similar cells into different groups. These particular groups eventually become organs in the body.

These folds, also called energy channels, stay in the body system long before you are born, which connect every one of the organs to one another via the energy channels. It is the reason why the stimulating points in the hands and feet affect the ovaries or kidneys. All the organs of the body are connected through the energy channels. If this energy suffers from resistance caused by various factors depending on the lifestyle, the channels get clogged. Consequently, it is the job of the acupuncture to ease this pressure and allow the energy to properly flow once again.

Is Fertility Acupuncture Effective?

If you are thinking about using natural treatment solutions to increase fertility, then acupuncture is a real advantage. However, the greatest results can come from incorporating acupuncture with other natural treatment methods for fertility. The most efficient fertility method is the one that combines herbal, traditional medicine and acupuncture. For a successful fertility acupuncture, patients undergo treatment sessions for a few months before an attempt to inseminate either by egg transfer, in vitro or natural.

While acupuncture has a long, successful history of being utilized for infertility treatment, it has its limitations. The key is to determine the root cause of the problem to help you know if acupuncture is the best approach. In certain cases in which the cause is unidentified, acupuncture is still beneficial as it can improve the blood circulation to the endometrium. As the flow of blood improves, it produces a thick, rich lining that is suitable for fertility.

Again, getting acupuncture treatments to help increase fertility is not something that is exclusive to women. When men choose to receive fertility acupuncture procedures, it could help increase the level of sperm count. It was discovered that men who received acupuncture as part of their treatments for their infertility problems experienced a marked progress in their sperm cells.

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