5 Areas to Declutter Once You’ve Achieved Your Fitness Goal

There’s no better time to declutter your house than when you’ve achieved a fitness goal. I remember when I was first working with a Personal Trainer to reach my goal of becoming a healthier version of myself. One day I said to my trainer that I was buying some new gym gear on the weekend. Well, he looked positively delighted. He explained that he loved it when clients said things like that because it meant that fitness was becoming a habit. Buying new clothes signified a seriousness and a commitment to the work achieved. It told him that he’d done his job well.

The flow on effect of achieving my goal didn’t stop at buying new clothes. What I found was that I ended up decluttering five key areas in my home:

  1. My Wardrobe: Before I started taking exercise seriously, I would wear ugly, oversized, rejected everyday wear. These were the first items to go as I went through my wardrobe and made way for the four new sets of inspiring, beautiful and interchangeable workout outfits. I also went through my entire wardrobe and decluttered clothing that was now too big and that didn’t suit my new level of confidence. I highly recommend you do this wardrobe organising exercise as the first step.
  1. The pantry: Getting fit changed my cravings, I decluttered my pantry and got rid of a lot of junk food and convenience items that I knew I wouldn’t consume going forward.
  1. The freezer: Similar to the pantry, I took everything out of the freezer and got rid of alot of things that had been forgotten and also a lot of sweet desserts that no longer took my fancy. Putting things back and having space around the freezer items was a dream.
  1. The bathroom: feeling good in my body and in my achievements, meant that I had no use to keep the scales in my bathroom anymore. I no longer decided whether I felt good or not by looking at numbers but by feeling into my body. It wasn’t just the scales that got the boot but free cosmetic samples and products that I had tried but didn’t like yet had held on to.
  1. The garage: Working with a personal trainer wasn’t my first attempt at getting healthy. I had tried a number of sports and fitness trends before I landed on what worked for me. I didn’t regret the things I’d tried as it was all part of the journey, but it was good to give away a Swiss Med Ball, some weights, a hula hoop and an ab machine. I thanked all these items for their service, Marie Kondo style, and wished them well with helping others on their fitness journey.

Having been through this health and fitness change myself, I know that when working with clients who are going through their own changes, that the ripple effect can be felt throughout the house and their life. It can take time to touch on all the areas that need to be refreshed but it’s definitely worth doing.

This guest post is written by Christie Flora. Christie is a Professional Organiser at flor&order Melbourne (www.florandorder.com) and can be hired for one on one coaching sessions to assist you in living a calmer, decluttered, and happier life.

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